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People have been asking me to let go more. Let go of my stress, let go of my baggage, let go of the camera permanently glued to my hand. To let go of the past, and to let go of what I had envisioned my life to be today. But mainly… they’ve been asking me to let go in my writing. And since I preach about giving everything and anything a shot, and since I talk about listening and learning from others, and since, I always play devils advocate… I’m going to give it a try. 

There are a lot of stories I could tell. Some not suitable for a work related blog. So I will start with the first question everybody asks… What exactly are you?

I’m serious, its always framed that way. What - are - you. Well, my name is _________, I’m from ______, I’m a twin, I’m well… how would you answer that? Being asked this question, or even “What do you do?” in a bar is the worst. Trying to explain my life to a stranger in a bar full of rowdy investment bankers or suits for startups is one of my biggest challenges. Exactly why I can’t get to the point for you within 5 sentences.

I am a writer, but I’ve neglected poetic verse for marketing material these days. I guess that’s the hazard of taking money from the man. I am a photographer, although my little sister makes me feel ashamed for ever calling myself that. My skills, well are skills, but she… she takes pictures that move people. I am a traveler, but naming that as an occupation somehow makes a joke of it. I am an editor, although my grammar sucks and my other sister writes perfect prose, vowels in a row. But I am curious. I am dedicated. I am hopeful and strong and smart. But mainly, I am just passionate. 

If there is one thing I am proud of, it’s my passion. Because its my passion that has me listening to you, hearing what you’re saying, trying it out, taking a chance, and ending up here, 30 minutes later. What changed, I don’t know… but I know, I know.


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I chose to let them go.


I chose to let them go.

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